Conceptual Installations

TAO: the largest installation ever done, or that ever can be done. “On April 24, 2014, I claimed the entire known, unknown, and unknowable Universe as my personal, conceptual artwork.” ~ Metrov

Nasa“Bow Shock; LL Ori” Enhanced by Metrov (Original photo courtesy of Nasa/Hubble Space Team)

“Tao” will be an installation piece representing the entire known and unknown universe including all multi-dimensional probabilities and parallel universes, as well as everything else that does not exist. It will consist of twelve, 20,000 gallon, glass tanks suspended from a ceiling. Each tank will be filled to capacity with a combination of dark matter and dark energy which will represent 95% of the universe. The actual glass and metal construction of the tanks will make up the final 5% completing the 100% representation of Tao, admittedly an impossibility. The totality of twelve tanks will represent String Theory’s eleven known dimensions of reality, including an extra dimension to symbolize the ostensibly infinite dimensions yet to be discovered.

The installation will also include twelve, large format, museum quality photographs in plummeting shades of gray, ranging from pure black to pure white representing what we know and what we can never know. Conceptually, the project will be the largest installation ever done, or that ever can be done.  © Metrov 2014


  • The Golden Gate Bridge © Metrov 2014
  • The 405 Freeway © Metrov 2014
  • The Ventura Freeway © Metrov 2014
  • The Burj Khalifa © Metrov 2014
  • The Nile River © Metrov 2014
  • The Mississippi River © Metrov 2014
  • The Atlantic Ocean © Metrov 2014
  • The Pacific Ocean © Metrov 2014
  • India © Metrov 2014
  • Africa © Metrov 2014
  • North America © Metrov 2014
  • Russia © Metrov 2014
  • China © Metrov 2014
  • Planet Earth © Metrov 2014
  • The Solar System © Metrov 2014
  • The Milky Way © Metrov 2014

These installations will be represented in galleries, museums, and stadiums as series of large format photographs and sculptures.

View_of_the_Valley_from_The_405_revised405 Freeway, Los Angeles, CA – Enhanced photograph by Metrov (Attribution)


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