the RII

The RII — A Non-Profit Fine Art Social Collaborative


We organize, support, and facilitate the development of synergistic,
multi-disciplinary, creative solutions for the success of communities worldwide.

How We Go About It

The RII (Second Renaissance) CALLS TOGETHER community architects, environmentalists, engineers, painters, sculptors, designers, writers, filmmakers, sound & light artists, musicians, and dancers to co-create an experimental, culturally focused, creatively stimulating environment. The project will be filmed and documented by university researchers who will use their data to establish unique, cooperative solutions to support the communities of our world going forward. Research data will be based on questions such as:

  • How can diverse creative disciplines cooperate for common good?
  • How can such collaborative efforts benefit our understanding of community well-being?
  • How can such collaborative efforts be used to improve communal success rates?
  • How can such collaborative efforts help unify diverse humanitarian goals and ideals?
  • How can such projects create models for self-sustaining communities world-wide?
  • Can free-form creativity unleash deeper aspects of human awareness?

The RII will aggressively promote monthly exhibits of the collaborative work-in-progress, culminating in a Grand Finale Exhibit at the end of every year. Once launched, the project will support itself with revenues from ticket sales, art sales, ancillary art sales, lecture & workshop ticket sales, and on-going, tax-deductable contributions. Should the project prove successful, it may be replicated in cities across the U.S.A. Such collaborative efforts are currently in vogue as seen in ventures like Meow Wolf and others. We want to establish Santa Barbara as a global art center and a pioneer in shaping a positive world.

What We Need

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more

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