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Disabled… ?

The other day I came across a postcard for an art gallery featuring a painting that made me think, “Gosh, that’s sort of like what I’m doing. Maybe they would want to show my work.” Then upon reading the fine print, I saw that the gallery specializes in paintings by Developmentally Disabled children. (hmmm)



A lot of people have been asking me about my process for creating the New Work painting series. Here’s an example: on the left is the original photo I took of myself. On the right, the final mixed media painting, i.e. photograph combined with oil pastels and acrylic paint. I’ll be posting a video of actually executing a painting soon. Thanks for asking!


New GODDESS Poster 2014 (Steampunk Theme)

New GODDESS Poster 2014 (Steampunk Theme)

New GODDESS Poster 2014 (Steampunk Theme)

Automatic Expressionism

Since my new, mixed-media paintings don’t seem to fit into any currently acceptable “category,” I’ve decided to invent my own: Automatic Expressionism (a.k.a. “faux bouche” or fake stupid or “infantilism”). Part of what this means is that the execution of the work is completely uncontrolled. I made this deduction after thinking a lot about what I’m doing, and how I’m doing it. The actual brushwork is so lame… infantile? What am I doing? I realized that I’m just letting it come out, with no effort whatsoever to control my hand… sort of like automatic writing. It’s completely intuitive. What’s most interesting, to me anyway, is that I really like it! It’s very free, uncontrived… honest, in a way. I used to do pencil drawings like this many years ago (see DRAWINGS section). I always liked the style back then, but was afraid to really show them to anyone. Now, I don’t care. Now, this is what I present to the world. I Am Free At Last.

A previous post from www.metrov2000.com:

Today I officially founded “trois mains,” a school of art dedicated to artists excelling in multiple disciplines. Any artist who feels they belong in this group, feel free to contact me. December, 23, 2013. Be Out.


Now, for a limited time only, get the ENTIRE FALCON LORD eBOOK TRILOGY FREE in exchange for leaving your review on Amazon. Just go to BOOKS–Falcon Lord Book 1, Book 2, or Book 3. Great for a gift. Enjoy!

Falcon Lord Covers

CONQUER THYSELF: Everything I Need to Remember to Maintain Total Well-Being



“CONQUER THYSELF is an inspiring story of beating terminal cancer and a practical guide to staying healthy, complete with nutrition and exercise tips. Researchers have proven that food choices can help prevent cancer and, when cancer has been diagnosed, nutrition can improve survival. This book will show you just how easy it is to live a healthful life. “

Neal D. Barnard, MD
President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, George Washington University

“D. A. Metrov shares his unique insights as well as the practical steps he took to stop terminal cancer in its tracks, banish it from his body, and restore himself to remarkable health and wellness. Conquer Thyself is a truly inspirational story that marches on the front lines of America’s growing Health Revolution.”

John Westerdahl, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., C.N.S.
Director, Bragg Health Institute
Radio Talk Show Host, Health & Longevity

“Jack (LaLanne) always preached that it’s impossible to separate the mind from the body, and this book coincides with that philosophy.”

Elaine LaLanne, Fitness Expert, wife of the late Jack LaLanne, “Father of Modern Fitness”

“CONQUER THYSELF is the key to becoming whole. Mr. Metrov shares his journey of recovery from cancer with simple straight-forward guidelines; yet deeply profound. Readers can benefit from his exemplary lifestyle.”   

Benjamin Lau, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Loma Linda University

From Back Cover:

In this cutting edge book, D. A. Metrov explores the hypothesis that good health is determined by a synergy of three fundamental factors: Proper Diet, Exercise, and Stress (or mind) Management.

By ingesting a nutrient-dense, non-toxic diet, your body will look, feel, and function at its best which will in turn affect your mental outlook in a positive way.

By exercising regularly, your body will maintain strength, balance, and optimal circulation which will also improve your body’s functionality and your mental outlook.

By keeping stress (fear) in check, your mind will enjoy greater joy and serenity sending positive messages to your body which will in turn maximize your immune system’s ability to destroy disease.

Mind and body work hand-in-hand to achieve ultimate efficiency… or self-annihilation.


Our New Academy Award Winning Advisers!

We are thrilled to announced that Robert Zemeckis and Mark Johnson have signed on as Official Advisers to the GODDESS (prelude) film project. Both these film industry icons have won for Best Picture, Zemeckis for FORREST GUMP, and Mark Johnson for RAIN MAN. Another of Mark’s more recent coups is BREAKING BAD, now being touted as the greatest TV drama ever made! Robert Zemeckis, by the way, is also a Best Director winner, and a long time collaborator with Steven Spielberg.

Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Need Your Opinion–Which Mock-Up Poster Do You Prefer? A or B?

Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer?


Just in case you’re not aware of the major challenges threatening Planet Earth and hence the survival of Mankind, please take a few minutes to check out the links I’ve provided below:








“Goddess (prelude)” — one woman’s epic battle to save her planet. All are welcome to be part of this touching story from start to finish. We are a small group of independent “Green” filmmakers raising money to produce the film by various means including corporate sponsorships, crowd-funding, and film grants. Through our fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions*, you can make a 501(c)(3) designated, tax-deductible donation to our cause anytime using the Paypal button below. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of people everywhere to become responsible Stewards of the Environment and to end corporate abuse of our precious resources. This film is designed to make a positive impact on the very course of Man’s evolution. Inaction is part of the problem. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION! To keep posted about our progress, please SIGN UP for our newsletter.  ~ WE PLAN TO BEGIN PRODUCTION IN EARLY SPRING 2014 ~


You may also mail checks made out to:
From the Heart Productions
For “GODDESS (prelude)” film
1455 Mandalay Beach Rd.
Oxnard, CA 93035

*From the Heart has been successfully funding films since their inception in 1993 under the 501© 3 Internal Revenue Code of 1954.  They are also classified as a public charity under section 509 (a) (2) of the Code.  As such, any monetary donations to their Fiscal Sponsorship Program qualify as charitable contributions under the U.S. Tax Code for 95 444 5418.

MINI SYNOPSIS OF “GODDESS (prelude)” written, directed, and produced by D. A. Metrov: 

This poetic allegory, told with stunning archetypal imagery, depicts the story of the Daughter of Earth and Light who lives with her sibling in harmony with Nature. But after time, she finds herself and the Gift of Nature threatened by the Dark Ones who have forgotten their true origin. After seeking answers to the deepest, most universal questions, she comes to understand it’s up to her and her brother to stand up and take responsibility for the Gift. FULL SYNOPSIS

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