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Higher Selfie: The Artist As Chinese God



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Disabled… ?

The other day I came across a postcard for an art gallery featuring a painting that made me think, “Gosh, that’s sort of like what I’m doing. Maybe they would want to show my work.” Then upon reading the fine print, I saw that the gallery specializes in paintings by Developmentally Disabled children. (hmmm)


Thoughts About Automatic Expressionism

I’ve often thought, “What am I saying?” “What are these new paintings about?” Seems I’m always getting more answers, so I’ll just start logging them. Here are a few recent ones:

1 — The paintings suggest our human efforts are clumsy compared to Nature’s…

2 — They are an expression of politically incorrect emotions…

3 — They express the unspoken Anguish of Humanity…

4 — They are vestiges of my still-suffering inner child…

5 — They are glimpses of my own repressed angst…

6 — They prove that beneath my thin facade of normalcy, I am quite mad… ?

7 — They hint that we all live with deeply repressed terror knowing we are essentially some kind of microbes clinging to a very small chunk of stone hurtling through the cosmos at dizzying speeds toward a completely unknown destination… quite possibly even on our way directly into the Black Hole that resides at the center of our Galaxy…

8 — They suggest that most humans are dehumanized (zombified?) as a result of their unwitting immersion in today’s media-deluged, material world/market society… or perhaps more to the point, we are not quite totally human anymore…

9 — I have the emotional maturity of a three-year-old…

10 — I am hypersensitive to all the challenges facing Humankind today…

11 — I am simply trying to balance extremes as I am a Hopeless Control Freak…

12 — Maybe they say to the viewer… be free… let it all out… release all that repressed anxiety… and howl to the bloody moon.



The Gita

My whole life I’ve fought to achieve goals only to discover, once achieved, they were not satisfying… at least not for long. In the last few years, I’ve heard this mantra from all corners of the Universe: “Take action, but the results are none of your business.” What?! I’ve been puzzling over this for so long. I then discovered that this admonition comes from the ancient Sanskrit song, the “Bhagavad Gita” which Mahatma Gandhi summarized as meaning… “Engage in the battle of life. Fight the good fight, but detach from the fruits of your labors.” Again! I agonized over this… how do you fight for something, but not care if you win or not?  At last I read Laurence Boldt’s masterpiece: ZEN AND THE ART OF MAKING A LIVING. He said something that finally allowed me to understand. Hence my own interpretation of the Gita: 


It’s similar to another saying we’ve all heard: “It’s the journey, not the destination.” I think it’s finally sunk in. At least I hope it has. At last I feel an inner peace, and more at ease. I can have more fun in life, and not take anything too seriously. If I ever forget, someone please remind me.


Today’s Thought

An artwork’s measure of beauty is not determined solely by it’s lines, shapes, colors, light, and shadow (or sound). Any “craftsman” can achieve that kind of superficial appeal. True beauty is measured by how deeply the work resonates with the collective unconsciousness. If the work expresses that which so many have buried in the psyche, but have denied, or refused to acknowledge because it’s so painful or politically incorrect or too uncomfortably blissful or deliciously erotic… or because it is simply invisible to the average viewer, then the work has profound beauty. Then the work does its job as art. Then the craftsman has transcended his craft and become an “artist.” Said beauty may not necessarily soothe nor be enjoyable at first… not for everyone… but it will ultimately lead to catharsis and healing once the viewer “allows” it. (I’ve met people who still don’t “get” Picasso.) True art will provoke, not just “decorate.” True art will stimulate expansion of mind.


Today’s Thought

Art is the rendering of the Artist’s experience of Life; his contribution to the Great Puzzle. Just as the Universe will never be complete, it’s impossible to ever complete a work of art. At some point, it must be set free to simply be what it is… so that another may build off it.


A lot of people have been asking me about my process for creating the New Work painting series. Here’s an example: on the left is the original photo I took of myself. On the right, the final mixed media painting, i.e. photograph combined with oil pastels and acrylic paint. I’ll be posting a video of actually executing a painting soon. Thanks for asking!


New GODDESS Poster 2014 (Steampunk Theme)

New GODDESS Poster 2014 (Steampunk Theme)

New GODDESS Poster 2014 (Steampunk Theme)

Automatic Expressionism

Since my new, mixed-media paintings don’t seem to fit into any currently acceptable “category,” I’ve decided to invent my own: Automatic Expressionism (a.k.a. “faux bouche” or fake stupid or “infantilism”). Part of what this means is that the execution of the work is completely uncontrolled. I made this deduction after thinking a lot about what I’m doing, and how I’m doing it. The actual brushwork is so lame… infantile? What am I doing? I realized that I’m just letting it come out, with no effort whatsoever to control my hand… sort of like automatic writing. It’s completely intuitive. What’s most interesting, to me anyway, is that I really like it! It’s very free, uncontrived… honest, in a way. I used to do pencil drawings like this many years ago (see DRAWINGS section). I always liked the style back then, but was afraid to really show them to anyone. Now, I don’t care. Now, this is what I present to the world. I Am Free At Last.

A previous post from www.metrov2000.com:

Today I officially founded “trois mains,” a school of art dedicated to artists excelling in multiple disciplines. Any artist who feels they belong in this group, feel free to contact me. December, 23, 2013. Be Out.

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