Metrov Documentary Film (Preview & Full Version)

“A Life in the War Zones of American Art” is a documentary film chronicling the challenges and joys of working as an artist in the U.S. Below, a few endorsements from fellow artists:

“Metrov is an American Treasure. He courageously bares his soul in this amazing and powerful film. A must-see for anyone interested in the Arts.” Robert Zemeckis, Academy Award winning director of BACK TO THE FUTURE, FORREST GUMP, CAST AWAY.

“Riveting… a great story!” Michael Lantieri, Academy Award winner, JURASSIC PARK.

“A fascinating, enjoyable film. I particularly loved the unexpected humor.” Mark Johnson, Academy Award winning producer of RAIN MAN, BREAKING BAD.

Preview Version (1:40 min):

Full (30) minute version (below):

Original poster for Metrov documentary

Original poster for Metrov documentary

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