“GODDESS (prelude)” Synopsis

“GODDESS (prelude)” is the story of the Daughter of Earth and Light, an archetypal woman who receives the Gift of Life from a mystical Earth Goddess. But over the ages, she finds the Gift threatened by Deadharts, men who‘ve gone insane with greed. Her brother is captured, poisoned, and she’s left for dead. After an astral journey to the Heart of the Universe, the Daughter of Earth and Light experiences apotheosis. She realizes it’s up to her to take a stand. She retrieves the Gift, and rescues her brother. They escape, but are quickly caught again. Unexpectedly, the Deadharts turn against each other to take control of the Gift. Daughter and Brother are caught in the middle of a fierce battle. Ironically, it is the crippled child of a Deadhart, inspired by Daughter, who causes the wayward men to see the error of their ways. Daughter reclaims the Gift for the benefit of Mankind.

Goddess prelude will be filmed with poetic, archetypal imagery, beautiful actors and landscapes, minimal dialogue, and a powerful soundtrack.

Written, directed, and produced by D. A. Metrov


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