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SANTA BARBARA, CA (PRBuzz) August 21, 2013

Though only 15-minutes long, the little film, “GODDESS (prelude)” aspires to become the battle standard for a global youth movement determined to end corporate corruption and protect Mother Earth.


Santa Barbara, California, August 21, 2013 – Lightmasters Arts & Entertainment, a small, independent production company prepares to crowd-fund nothing short of a cinema revolution… and they want your help. GODDESS (prelude) is the story of an archetypal woman’s epic battle to save her planet—a short film with a powerful environmental message—funded by We, the People, to be screened for free at colleges across the country.

“As our human population increases, our planet grows smaller, and corporations grow more powerful. Today’s CEO is mandated by law to do whatever it takes to increase shareholder profits. Good news for shareholders, bad news for life on Earth. Doing whatever it takes has come to mean buying off our government in order to plunder more natural resources, poison our food supply (to make it cheaper and ever more addictive) resulting in the destruction of environmental and personal health. Clearly, we need to change course, or we will, without question, go the way of the dinosaurs.”  These the words of D.A. Metrov, award-winning filmmaker, fine arts painter, and author of several young adult, Steampunk fantasy adventure novels. All his stories, he explains, contain underlying messages about Man’s return to his true, noble stature as a Responsible Creature of the Universe. “Perhaps the most exciting part of these new media ventures is the groundswell of student support we’re seeing, and which we would love to grow into a worldwide phenomenon. Our crowd-funding venture begins on Indiegogo.com September 15, but we’ve already begun accepting donations. Everyone has a chance to be involved. If all we’re going to do is watch comedy videos on youtube while eating junk food, we’re not going to make it, because behind our backs the mega corporations are wreaking havoc. There are plenty of documentaries out there (check out Netflix) for those who want to educate themselves. As independent filmmakers, we want to do something a little different. We believe the Media Arts—in this case a very beautiful, allegorical film—can inspire people to change their habits and take positive action. There’s only one way to stop the corporate behemoths… stop buying their products. No small task. We can start by purchasing organic produce from our local farmers. Get healthy. Ride a bicycle to work. Recycle. There are a lot of great and awesome things about Man’s modern world, but we have some adjustments to make, and we need to make them now. Just the other day I read a recent New York Times article saying that our butterflies are dying off, along with our frogs and our bees, from pesticides and GMOs. Imagine leaving our children a world without butterflies.”

We are accepting tax-deductible donations now at http://www.EarthGoddessMovie.com. Our official Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign begins Sept. 15: http://igg.me/at/goddess

For more information please contact:

D. A. Metrov
Owner Lightmasters Arts & Entertainment

(download PDF for complete contact info)


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