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Watch the FALCON LORD trailer

“FALCON LORD is wonderful—the most enticing fantasy world I’ve come across in years, with characters we truly care about—and I have no doubt it’ll hit the world with a bang.”

Robert Zemeckis – Academy Award Winning writer-director-producer of BACK TO THE FUTURE, FORREST GUMP, CAST AWAY, POLAR EXPRESS

What FALCON LORD Is Really All About…

Originally posted on the Falcon Lord Facebook Page []

I hope everyone realizes what this is all about: I believe stories—novels, graphic novels, and motion pictures—should be entertaining. But beyond that, great stories can bear positive messages; messages to inspire and uplift all who experience them.

That’s what FALCON LORD is all about. Falcon Lord not only fights to protect Mother Earth, he’s also a character who, through his own trials and tribulations, learns to become a better human being, and hence to better serve his community. If you believe, like I do, the world can use more of these kinds of stories and movies, then you’re in the right place because the truth is, you can each make a difference.

Each and every one of you matters. Each and every one of you can feel like you’re part of this incredible journey—the journey to bring Falcon Lord to the World. You’ve taken the first step—you’ve joined the Falcon Lord Page. You can choose to do more. You can invite your friends to join us as well.

As our human population increases and our planet grows smaller, it will become increasingly important to defend the wilderness from our own encroachment. Without Nature—the forests, the mountains, the grasslands, the jungles, and lakes; our vast skies and oceans—we, as a species, cannot survive, something too easily forgotten in our bustling, day-to-day metropolitan lives. We need heroes. We need Falcon Lords.

The Falcon Lord stories are intended to raise awareness for all who read them, young and old, for the need to protect Mother Nature. Once our basic operating costs have been met, a large portion of our profits will go to environmental organizations and movements. We also plan to build camps and foster homes around the world for under-privileged, urban kids in order to teach them how to be good stewards of the Earth, and hence Stewards of Mankind.

Never before in history have we, the people, had such a voice. We’re going to look back at the time we were only a few hundred here on Facebook, and marvel that now we’re part of a global phenomenon. We’ll look back with the thrill of knowing we were the first to come aboard. Contribute to the cause. Contribute to History and Humanity. Be part of the Falcon Lord Experience, and feel like you made a difference. That’s why I’m here. That’s what I have to offer you.

Blessings and Good Fortune to you all! D. A. Metrov

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