A STAR IS BORN—(Take Us To Basel)


“NU” by Metrov, 2016 Stainless steel. 9″ X 7.25” X 1.5” Symbol of Courage & Unity • “Sterling Series,” Limited Edition of Only Ten from  “MYTH of PAX: BEAR GODDESS.”


One Easy Tool to Help You be Mindful and Positive

I’m honored and humbled to share my essay, recently published on www.InspireMeToday.com:

Time is an illusion. The past is not real, only a memory. So, too, the future… merely speculation. The only time that’s real is NOW. That’s why the only time I’m truly able to connect to Higher Intelligence (Higher Self, Tao, God, Universe, whatever you call It) is NOW. I need that connection, that guidance, in order to live life to the fullest… in order to achieve my dreams.

When I know what I want in life, the Universe (or the conscious totality of everything that exists)… continuously reveals the path to my dreams. Why? Because I’m here to experience Life from my unique perspective on behalf of the Universe. Why? Because the Universe is inclined to expand, and my experience causes expansion… or growth of consciousness.

As long as I don’t botch things up with worry and doubt, everything that comes my way is another sign post guiding me to my goal. If you’ve discovered your Life’s Mission, focus only on that. If not, surrender… the Universe will whisper back your own forgotten ideals. Guidance comes in the form of intuition, a feeling, sometimes a voice in my head. But I can’t hear this voice if my mind is busy analyzing scenario after scenario… what ifs… fears. Let them go. How?

  • Simply STOP THINKING about those things.
  • Follow the guidance that comes from living in the NOW.
  • Develop a sense of invincible Faith, that no matter what comes your way—as unrelated as it may sometimes seem—it is another stepping stone toward realizing your dreams.
  • Accept everything. Resist nothing.
  • Realize you have the choice to be joyous or fearful.

Here’s a simple, but powerful tool… put a smile on your face. Inhale to the count of three. Keep smiling! Exhale to the count of five. Whenever you find your mind drifting into negative territory (i.e. focusing on the problem instead of the solution; fear instead of love), do this exercise three times in a row. You will restore your sense of well-being, and be back in the moment. Do this as often as necessary throughout the day.

We live in a deeply interconnected Universe. Everything orbits around and around—stars, planets, blood cells, atoms… the thoughts broadcasting from my head and heart. The vibrational frequency I send out is the same frequency that comes back to me. Send out good vibrations! Make it habit.

Stay feeling good, and in the moment as much as possible. Stop judging what’s good or bad; allow your wholeness. Like weeding a garden, work on uprooting repressed negative beliefs and emotions. Find something to be grateful for (and if you look, you’ll find an endless supply), and be joyous for your good fortune. Even if you think the world is falling apart around you, there is still always something to be grateful for. Let go of fear and illusion. Embrace the Divine Now. Live it. Trust it. Share your good vibrations with ALL, and you will fulfill your maximum potential.


PAX: BEAR GODDESS Currently in Production!

My PAX: BEAR GODDESS sculpture is being cast in bronze, and will be available this Winter in a Special Limted Edition of only 10. This magnificent creation stands 24″ tall and is mounted on a gorgeous, black marble base. Contact me now to learn more and get on the waiting list.



Mona Lives!


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Attack of the Art Bots!

I’m dreaming of Giant Art Bots… though these are fabricated from aluminum, I’m currently constructing prototypes from wood, paint, stickers, photos, nuts & bolts… !

The Movement Is On! Join Now.

• If you believe We the People, should Protect our Planet, READ ON…

• If you believe Corporations should Stay out of Government, READ ON…

• If you believe Art can Make a Difference, READ ON!



Art Today… Where is it going?

As we all know, today virtually ANYTHING may be labelled “art.” In the last few decades, the (academic) purpose of Contemporary Art has been to continuously redefine the meaning of art. It goes something like this: Find a thing (or a combination of things) that has yet to be called art, then call it art, and it will be art. The problem is, if ANYTHING can be called art, then ultimately NOTHING is art. No one really likes what art has become, yet we collect and worship it because of its status and money connotations. Historically, art possessed some aesthetic value. Today, according to academia, art requires none. In fact, the more ridiculous an object or concept, the more likely some ambitious MFA will decide to label it “art,” and only the most prominent galleries and museums will be eager to show it. This may actually sometimes work… the juxtaposition of silliness in a sophisticated, high-tech, ultra-rich environment can be effective. But where is this leading us?

If we look at the reactionary nature of Contemporary Art over time, we see that ideals or schools inevitably caused their opposites to arise. Abstract Expressionism gave rise to POP, which gave rise to Photorealism, which gave rise to Bad Art, which gave rise to Neoclassicism which gave rise to Minimalism, etc. Okay, fine… let’s do it. Let’s explore the myriad possibilities… let’s exhaust them. Then, and only then, will we be forced to return to some kind of aesthetic. Because, after all, that’s the point. Aesthetic value is what pleases, what inspires, what expands consciousness the most. And that, folks, is why we are here on Planet Earth.

I often wonder what humans a few hundred or even thousand years from now may think of us when they examine some of today’s art. Are they going to think most of us we were utter cretins without a nit of taste. So what do we do?

Personally, I’m an advocate for a New Renaissance; the return of the epic, the glorious, the awe-inspiring, the divine. If artists can create a divinely inspired works of art, then perhaps we will have left some value for the world. I would like future generations to look back, and marvel at the majesty of nature we were able to capture… like the Great Pyramid, or David, or the Pieta, or Picasso’s “Weeping Woman.” Armageddon is not upon us. Rebirth is upon us. We are about to enter a Golden Age. It’s terribly exciting, and makes me proud to have existed during this marvelous era.

FOUR NEW Limited Edition Print Series

Four new series available in signed, limited editions of (25). Each artwork is meticulously printed on the finest, acid-free, museum quality, archival paper with archival ink, and comes with a Certificate of Authentication. VIEW NOW


New work: “A Study in Body/Psyche Ratios” (Warning: Adult Content)

New 2015 series: “A Study in Body/Psyche Ratios”  — (11) 24″ X 18″ mixed media paintings on archival photographs & (2) 36″ X 24″ mixed media paintings on canvas. Each original is accompanied by ten 40″ X 30″ signed, limited edition prints. For more information, please contact the artist. (runtime: 7 minutes; PLEASE NOTE: I do not endorse, nor am I a spokesperson for any of the websites mentioned in this video. They are simply vendors I use in my work.) VIEW PAINTINGS


Preview Version of Metrov Documentary Film (1:40 min)

“A Life in the War Zones of American Art” is a documentary film chronicling the challenges and joys of working as an artist in the U.S.  (Full 30-min version)

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